DH ATTORNEYS is a boutique law firm with offices situated in Sandton and Lynnwood. We provide professional legal services to a wide spectrum of private and corporate entities.

​Our mission is to create and maintain a professional legal environment within our firm and our appointed professional, paralegals and supporting staff who can, in turn, provide efficient, informed, affordable and reliable legal services to both the private and corporate sectors and in doing so ensure all clients requirements are dealt with timeously and effectively and thereby establishing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between DH Attorneys and its clients.


All attorneys have specialised in various fields of law which fields include the following:

- Law of Delict (Negligence, Motor vehicle accidents, Personal injuries and Medical malpractice).

​- Law of contract and Insurance Law (Partnership Agreements, Lease Agreements, Sale of Business, Service Level Agreements, Non-disclosure Agreements, Drafting Insurance Policy wording, Insurance Compliance, Insurance Claims and Collections, Legal Opinions).

- Family Law (Ante Nuptial agreements, Divorce actions, Custody, Parental plans, Mediation and Maintenance Planning).

- Property law and Conveyancing (Property transfers, Bond registrations).

- Property compliance (CSOS regulations, Body Corporate Rules and CIPC Compliance).

- Estate Law (Estate planning, Drafting of Wills, Drafting of Trust documents and Registration of trusts, Settlement of Will disputes, Administration of estates, Litigation in respect of testate and intestate succession).

- Tax Law (Compliance of South African Tax Law in compliance with assessments, audits, employees’ tax, double taxation, objections & voluntary disclosures.  Our core focus areas are VAT, International Tax, Estate Planning & Income Tax (Corporate & Personal)).

- General High Court and Magistrate's Court (Inclusive of liquidations, Sequestrations, Rehabilitations, Business Rescue, Merger and Acquisitions, Sale of shares, Shareholder's agreements, Memorandum of incorporations and Registration of companies).

- Environmental Law (including Environmental Impact Assessments – EIA Regulations and listed activities, Environmental Authorizations, Water Licenses, Waste Licenses – waste generation, effluent, waste collection and disposal requirements, Air Emission Licences – check special requirements for Priority areas, Access and benefit sharing agreements, tax incentives for protected areas, Appeals against records of decision of Minister, Threatened and Protected species regulations – hunting permits, Adequate enclosure permits, asbestos regulations,

- Energy Law (independent Power Purchase Agreement, Embedded Energy generators registration and wheeling agreements, Renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and biomass)

- Mining Law (prospecting permits, Mining permits or licences, Environmental management programmes, Financial provision for rehabilitation, Service level agreements for re-mining of tailings

- Occupational Health and Safety – all aspects of employee occupational health and safety

- Heritage Law (Declaration of Heritage sites, Alterations to property older than 60 years, export of heritage objects, Heritage Impact Assessments, Archaeological Impact Assessments

- Constitutional and Human Rights Law (Property, Access to Information, Administrative Justice, Hate Speech, discrimination)

- Consumer Protection Law (Leases, GMO’s labeling)

- Competition Law (price fixing, collaboration in industries)

- Banking Law (FICA, FAIS, AML, Financing of Terrorist activities)


The Johannesburg office of DH Attorneys is currently situated in Sandton. The ideal location of the offices allows convenient access to the Johannesburg High Court however also falls within the jurisdiction of the Randburg and Johannesburg Magistrates Court.

The offices themselves are close to the Gautrain Station, spacious and offer sufficient parking, meeting and consultation facilities.

The Pretoria branch office is situated in the suburb of Lynnwood and affords the firm jurisdiction in the Pretoria High Court and central Magistrates court.

These offices are close to various Advocates chambers, courts and afford easy access to clients.

In areas in which we do not enjoy jurisdiction we have established beneficial relationships with correspondents however we are always in a position to negotiate favorable rates for purposes of establishing jurisdiction. Correspondents are usually employed as “post boxes” as all professional services are conducted by our team.


Our offices offer affordable rates to both the private and corporate sector. Legal fees are negotiated having regard to the complexity of the matter, the court in which the matter is to be adjudicated on and the quantum involved.

Our offices will consider work on contingency basis subject to negotiations on the terms thereof and the conditions of the Contingency Act.


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